Cedar Valley Food Pantry

The Cedar Valley Food Pantry (CVFP) exists to provide food and grocery products to households in Black Hawk County.

Check in. Shop. Leave Happy.

Visiting the Cedar Valley Food Pantry enables households to stretch their money further and use the savings to provide other necessities that would otherwise not be available. There are people in our community that have to ask the hard questions when their income does not go as far as they would hope. They have to ask the hard questions like, “What is more important this month? Food for my two kids or paying the hot water bill?” These are questions that some people in our community wrestle with every month. By coming to the Cedar Valley Food Pantry, we hope to take away some of those questions because their food bill for the week is taken care of by coming to the pantry. The CVFP provides food and grocery products Monday through Friday.

Cedar Valley Food Pantry Hours

1605 Lafayette St. Waterloo, IA, 50703

Monday - Thursday
9:00AM - 3:00PM

*limit 2 visits per calendar month*

CVFP will stop taking tickets for entry at 2:45

9:00AM - 12:00PM

No one should have to choose between paying the bills, buying medicine, or getting food.