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The Director of Distribution is a member of the leadership team with joint responsibility for organizational leadership, mission success and financial strength, and operational responsibility for the following: inventory, receiving, transportation, and food sourcing. The Director of Distribution sets challenging goals and uses data to track and show success in meeting those goals.

The ideal Director of Distribution for the Northeast Iowa Food Bank understands and is passionate about the organization’s mission to provide nutritious food and grocery product to those in need in our 16-county service area. This individual will be a vital component of the Food Bank’s leadership team by providing over 6.63 million meals annually to the over 31,000 food insecure people in northeast Iowa. With this Director level position, this team member must demonstrate outstanding organizational, planning, implementation skills, critically think and understand the vision and big picture thinking in order to provide effective and efficient ways to partner with the community and those who are hungry. The ability to work in a fast-paced and progressive environment will be the key to success in this role, as the Northeast Iowa Food Bank continually strives to work towards closing the Meal Gap in northeast Iowa.

This individual will have exceptionally articulate communication, interpersonal and leadership skills, which will be critical for the development of strong relationships between volunteers, clients, coworkers, and the community. Cultural competency is of utmost importance, as the Director of Distribution will work with diverse populations on a regular basis. The Director of Distribution must possess a strong sense of initiative to continually improve the Food Bank’s various programming and experiences, and take on other duties as necessary.

A passion for social justice and compassion for others are keys to being a staff member at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. At the Northeast Iowa Food Bank we strive to work as a unified team to close the Meal Gap in northeast Iowa, to this end the Director of Distribution needs to be capable of working as a team, as well as being a self-starter. In addition, maintaining a positive outlook will play a large role in being a motivator and encourager for volunteers, clients, and staff members alike.

About The Job

Interdepartmental Leadership and Collaboration

Oversee and collaborate with the Fleet Supervisor, Operations Manager, Food Sourcing Manager and other direct reports to ensure departments have the support and resources necessary for success. ▪ Collaborate on existing/new program initiatives, planning, and decision-making, keeping in mind NEIFB’s goals and objectives; Help identify new opportunities and priorities without mission creep.

Regularly communicate department activities and initiatives to the Director of Engagement and the leadership team. Promote clear communication and collaboration between all departments

Develop, in collaboration with the Leadership team, operational goals and budget including ongoing review and analyses of activities, costs, operations, forecasts to determine organizational progress towards mission, strategic plan and objectives.

Manage various cross functional organizational projects to include the documentation and communication of new, updated and/or revised standard operating procedures (SOPs). ▪ Strategize and collaborate with Programs team on food distribution needs and collaborate with Food Sourcing Manager on annual procurement (rescue/recovery, donations, purchase). ▪ Ensure communication and information flow within operations and between departments in the organization.

Provide support and liaison to other Food Bank constituents, Board of Directors, other food banks, and the national office, where relevant and appropriate. Distribution and Logistics

Oversee and coordinate the activities within the Distribution Department to ensure the efficient receipt, storage and distribution of product in attainment of NEIFB’s goals and objectives. Ensure the effective running of Food Bank warehouse operations, including receiving, sorting, warehousing, fleet management, inventory management, and order fulfillment.

Oversee, research, and analyze trends in operational areas in support of strategic planning and day-to-day problem solving. Implement appropriate measures to enhance outcomes. ▪ Ensure efficient transportation logistics including delivery/pickup routes, as well as the maintenance and management of vehicle fleet. ▪ Lead in formulation and implementation of organizational policies related to warehousing operations.

Leverage the full range of ERP system capabilities to automate routine tasks driving staff productivity and information accuracy ▪ Develop goals, performance metrics and management best practices for supply chain. Mentor team members in the creation and implementation of metrics to achieve process improvement. ▪ Continuously evaluate and review with operations team all operational processes and process improvement plans. ▪ Develop and maintain updated department SOP’s. ▪ Develop and manage departmental budget in the context of NEIFB’s overall annual budget. ▪ Ensure that volunteers working in operations are trained and supervised according to NEIFB standards while also making sure that safety and customer service are priorities. ▪ Collaborate and partner with the Director of Finance to ensure OSHA standards, AIB Food Safety, HACCP, Feeding America, USDA and DOT compliance are met along with any other federal state or local codes.

Works with the Operations Manager and other warehouse personnel to ensure the highest efficiency of warehouse operations.

Ensures a high level of customer service in the consistent and timely delivery of food orders to agency partners and nutrition program sites. Oversees a strong partnership between warehouse and programs.

Develops strategic plans and budgets for the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of fleet.

Food Sourcing

Works with the Food Sourcing Manager to promote the donation and purchase of a variety of nutritious foods for distribution to agency and program participants.

Take a proactive approach and create a positive experience for Food Donors.

Ensures compliance with USDA, AIB and Feeding America requirements for Food Acquisition, Storage, Distribution, Training and Reporting of USDA food.

Provides strategic vision for the future of Food Sourcing, including streamlining opportunities, process improvements, and upgrades to distribution and procurement methods.

Establishes collaborative working relationships to drive food procurement strategy that meets the needs of program participants.

Sets strategic growth goals for the Food Rescue Program

Ensures Food Bank readiness and compliance with food recovery programs.

Personnel Management and Supervision

Directs hiring, training and supervision of department team members, including paid staff and volunteers/interns.

Supports team members by: establishing performance objectives and measuring progress toward goals; leading team meetings; developing team members’ skills and abilities, both individually and as a group, in order to increase effectiveness; and ensuring that employees have access to the resources needed to be successful.

Offer advice, guidance and direction on business matters, including operational policies, continuous process improvement strategies and new initiatives. Foster and support an environment of solutions, accountability and successful outcomes.

Identify and drive change initiatives that improve operational workflow and productivity while maintaining focus on adding value to the end-client. ▪ Manage the workflow of assigned staff, manage performance and make equitable staffing decisions. Encourage staff development and other employee professional growth opportunities. Perform all duties and maintain all standards in accordance with NEIFB’s policies and procedures.


Prepare, administer and monitor the department’s budgets in accordance with established procedures.

Provide back-up coverage and support to all direct reports.

Greet, train and supervise volunteers as well as share the mission of the NEIFB; provide general guidance of projects; assure proper training of volunteers to include specific jobs and safety concerns. Communicate frequently with volunteers to ensure they are satisfied and appropriately placed.

In instances of a federal, state or locally declared emergency, NEIFB is typically considered an essential service and emergency responder; all employees may be called in to perform regular or emergent duties.

Perform any other duties as needed to fulfill our mission, drive our vision and abide by our values.


Management Skills

Create a positive environment where two-way communication and a strong sense of trust is established.

Ability to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner.

Ability to delegate work assignments.

Ability to motivate others to perform well and receive feedback.

Exhibits sound judgment and makes timely decisions.

Ability to respond to an emergency situation.

Set clear goals focused on measurable results and holds self and others accountable for delivering against agreed upon goals.

Maintain high standards for self and others and provides supportive coaching and direct feedback.

Ensure that responsibilities and authorities of employees are defined and understood. Establish goals, monitor progress and provide coaching to enable them to meet their goals. Ensure that the staff in the seats that they are in, get it, want it and have the capacity for the job.

Ensure team members are fully trained on the skills necessary for them to succeed. ▪ Ensure workload is distributed equitably by monitoring overtime and task assignments.

Personal Effectiveness

Shows up to work on time, and follows instructions, policies and procedures. Ability to make the best use of available time and resources; balance quality of work with meeting deadlines.

Shows interest in, anticipates and responds timely to customer and employee needs.

Ability to work and communicate with people of diverse backgrounds.

Superior attention to detail with the ability to make correlations and identify downstream impacts.

Ability to organize and prioritize work, be proactive, take initiative, resolve problems, follow through and simultaneously manage multiple priorities to ensure goals are met in a timely manner.

Skilled in managing multiple projects and conflicting priorities, can autonomously prioritize deliverables and work under tight deadlines.

Possess a positive and productive attitude.

Passion, enthusiasm, focus, and creativity around the Northeast Iowa Food Bank’s values of community, leadership, transparency, innovation and diversity.

Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

Respects and maintains confidentiality; tells the truth and is honest in all dealings; avoids situations and actions considered inappropriate or which present a conflict of interest.

Adheres to all workplace safety standards and practices.

Manages own time, priorities and resources to achieve goals.

Maintains composure in stressful or adverse situations.

Ability to cultivate and develop equitable and inclusive working relationships with staff, volunteers, community partners, vendors and applicants.


Demonstrate a clear understanding of internal and external customers by listening and responding to their needs in a timely manner.

Ability to read, analyze, and interpret technical procedures, or governmental regulations.

Ability to write reports, business correspondence and procedure manuals. ▪ Effectively communicate project and operating priorities to key stakeholder audiences that may include staff, network food bank members, donors and other audiences. ▪ Communicate clearly and effectively through verbal and written communication across individual, small group and formal presentation settings.

Ability to give clear written and verbal instructions to both technical and non-technical users.

Ability to effectively coach and mentor team members; collaborate and build relationships.

Ability to communicate the branded message internally and externally (mission, vision, values).

Analytical Thinking

Notices discrepancies and inconsistencies in available information.

Approaches a complex task or problem by breaking it down into component parts and considering each part in detail.

Weighs the costs, benefits, risks, and chances for success in making a decision. Collaborate Internally & Externally ▪ Actively support collaboration within and between departments and with key stakeholders.

Seek input and resolves issues with a focus on mission and what’s best for the people we serve.

Forward Thinking

Anticipates possible problems and develops contingency plans in advance.

Notices trends in the industry or marketplace and develops plans to prepare for opportunities or problems.

Anticipates the consequences of situations and plans accordingly. ▪ Drives the department in the NEIFB’s vision and get department going in the same direction

Technical Expertise

Effectively applies advanced technical knowledge to solve a range of problems and make improvements.

Possesses an in-depth knowledge and skill in a technical area.

Is sought out as an expert to provide advice or solutions in his/her technical area.

Track latest practices, innovations, and technology and ways these could improve processes within the organization.

The employee will also be expected to effectively learn and use internal software programs as necessary.

Have a track record of success in overseeing the development and implementation of department specific management strategies.

Understand the importance and power of internal/external insight and use them accordingly.



Bachelor’s Degree in program management, public health administration or other related field; or Bachelor’s Degree in a related field combined with applicable coursework, training and experience.

Minimum of 5 years in an executive management operational role.

Exceptional strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, with highly developed interpersonal and coaching skills and the ability to build collaborative, trust-based relationships inside and outside NEIFB.

Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; ability to serve as an exemplar for the organization’s values and foster an inclusive and respectful workplace.

Demonstrated experience with strategic planning, communication management, financial planning and analysis, and project management.

Ability to motivate teams to produce quality materials within tight timeframes; proven capability to balance several projects and meet deadlines.

Ability to work flexible hours, including some evenings and weekends.

Must pass a criminal background check

Valid driver’s license, safe driving record, current vehicle insurance and ability to use personal vehicle for OFB business

Interest in and commitment to the mission of the Food Bank


Master’s Degree in business administration or other related field.

Seven to ten years of management experience to include at least 5 years in an executive management role

Minimum of 5 years of distribution and logistics systems.

Experience in a nonprofit environment with a variety of stakeholders.

Food Industry/Food Bank experience

Knowledge of Ceres or other ERP system.

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